Culture, ideas & creation.

Now for tomorrow, jigsaw is biome.
Interdependence is total - from the local to the planetary. Securing natural and special biotopes of creation integrated into the biosphere of ideas is a must: jigsaw is biome. Biome as a set of ecosystems with similar and complementary living conditions. Federator, ambassador, pioneer, connected and organic. In the heart of the transformed city, by the recomposed mesh of its peripheries, in relation with the restored rurality. With bureaubalto and bitume - insiders, added together and linked to the daily and the year -, jigsaw creates labels and composes an open catalog of works, gestures, works and unique and precise models. give to live, to share, to spread. jigsaw builds a renewed apparatus where culture, ideas and creation irrigate all the fields of expression and beyond, compose the structuring fertile ground of the society: sensors, glances, accelerators of the time.

jigsaw composes the post-contemporary era.
The future was yesterday: emergences as modest beginnings, invisible, marginal, dispersed. Be aware of them, respect them, give them a legitimate place. These actions, interventions, resolutions very rarely apprehend each other - under the cover of a technical and non-sensitive referencing - are sparsely enumerated and qualified, no one really takes cognizance of them. Boiling of books, effervescence of models, swarming of gestures, profusion of specimens: the propagation is infinite. All from, and from the culture, ideas, and creation embodied in art, architecture, design, fashion, photography, cinema, theater, dance, music, science , mobility, play, love, sexuality, youth, transgenerational, town planning, the planet, at night, food, social, education, technology. More than a breeding ground, a fertile ground, alive and human of our capacities, our potentials, our intensities whose genesis is renewed every day, unequivocally, without sideways. With office, balto and bitumen - beyond recognizing them - jigsaw identifies them, collates them, lists them and combines them in a plurality of heretical paths conceived as micro-grooves which, when structured jointly, bind to compose together more than a new era, a universal era: a postcontemporary era.

Every day, jigsaw is solution.
jigsaw represents the renewal both in innovation and positioning accuracy in service and in the heart of the protean creation, by materializing new responses and more specifically by mobilizing renewed levers of existence of the various stakeholders inherent: territories, institutions, companies, collectives, designers, creators and artists. Within the office, jigsaw engages and mobilizes on a daily basis proven permanences forming standards of skills, know-how and gestures formed, combined and developed: foundations of existence - both formally and substantively - meetings with professionals and the public, typologies of funding and innovative means of mediation, influence and relative transmission. jigsaw protects and propels the singularity of the centers of vitality of creation stemming from the uniqueness of personalities, characters and biases.

Year-round, jigsaw is propeller.
Agent and architect of generations, societies and revolutions, jigsaw is the engine of the mutation of objects, forms and conditions of creation in renewal. By anticipating and defining devices conceived as new, autonomous, independent mechanisms that come together, jigsaw gives birth to new fundamentals. They participate collectively in a common dimension around the emulsion and the hybridization of the contemporary creation in porosity with the society and the regeneration of the city, support and organ - on all scales - of explorations, visions and prospective.

Since 2015, jigsaw is office.
jigsaw supports - all year round - the various actors of creation, by meeting their needs through reflection, development and operational implementation of advice and actions articulated around 4 structuring permanence: image + development + production + transmission.

bureau | culture, ideas and creation
Agent and architect of generations, revolutions and societies.
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balto — postcontemporain
Media and artistic corporation.
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bitume • postville
Media and observatory
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