Houses, organizations, collectives, territories, personalities
jigsaw responds to a context of questions, observations, desires, passions and explicit problems of foundation, metamorphosis, incarnation and propagation. jigsaw feeds the story running and aggregates currents, flows and connections. jigsaw generates global adventures by provoking - every day - meetings of energies, biases, skills, possibilities.
Year-round, jigsaw poses, elaborates, adds and shares daily glances, technicals, subjects and combinations by regular invitation to contributors. In the heart and beyond the non stop thread of the creation of its production to its diffusion - conversations between the disciplines give rise to fields of expression which illustrate by their accuracy, singularity and complementarity. 

Blending art, architecture, fashion, photography, cinema, music, media, innovation, society. 
In everyday life, the office revolves around 4 duties independently or simultaneously: development + production + image + transmission.
Founded in 2015 - jigsaw is directed and coordinated by Julien Diers and led by a resource team and connected and renewed dedicated groups. Initiate a conversation, exchange desires and issues, build a story: that of identity.

Cooperations, since 2015

50° Nord 
Art Point M — N.A.M.E Festival et Braderie de l’Art
Ateliers Médicis
Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes 
Canal + — Programmes courts et créations originales 
CIPAC — Fédération des professionnels de l’art contemporain
Centre des Monuments Nationaux | Hôtel de la Marine 
DAU, Paris
d.c.a | Première assemblée européenne des centres d'art contemporain
La Condition Publique, Roubaix 
Le Fresnoy — Studio national des arts contemporains
Gigantisme — FRAC Grand Large & LAAC, Dunkerque
Gaîté Lyrique 2017-2022
Galerie Danysz
Halle aux sucres
Institut Français | Triennale de Milan 2019, Novembre Numérique
Institut International de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mézières 
La Halle aux Sucres, Dunkerque
La Manufacture, Roubaix
Le Cerisier, Lille
Le Grand Bleu, Lille
Lille Metropole 2020 - World Design Capital
L’Ososphère, Strasbourg
Maker Faire France — Leroy-Merlin
Mairie de Bordeaux — Saison culturelle
Mairie de Clermont-Ferrand — mille formes, en partenariat avec le Centre Pompidou
Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
Martin Duplantier Architectes
MediaTV – France 24, France 3 et Elle Girl
Office de Tourisme de Roubaix | I Love Roubaix
ONU – Programme des Nations Unies pour l’Environnement
Paris Design Week — Collective 1992 
Paris La Défense — Les Extatiques, création 2018
Production Type
Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, Paris
Société du Grand Paris
Vice i-D | The Fifth Sense